End of the American Century

Baghdat, Adamascuz, Jerusalem and many cities in that region have destroyed a number of states like America. But those cities again have stood and retrieved their independances

What about The American Century? What about the approved leader of the world in 1990s? What about people who announced in 2000 that 21. century would be the American Century? Did the old world teach them last 5 years that the power and the arrogance weren’t everything? Is the USA hated now much more than normal time? What did it contribute the world expect for the hate? Did the people that tend to violance when their power diminish, to genocide when their fiasco appear, to use nuclear weapons when their military sources decline and to behave unethically and to chaos when they loss their self-confidances derive some object lessons from their experiences? No, of course. But, will they have to derive it someday? Yes! In the history, a lot of empires have broken down. But nobody of them used to use their power and to be greedy. This is the tale of the defeat. Also, it is about using of the power badly and how being greedy cause destruction .

Baghdat, Adamascuz, Jerusalem and many cities in that region have destroyed a number of states like America. But those cities again have stood and retrieved their independances. This always occur in that way. They resist forever and destroy many empires. But, people that are making plan to turn Bahgdat to Dresden and to create a dreadful picture like Guernico for it will not occur with good reputation in the notebook of the history. Moreover,in this term that the region are trying to return to life again, those cities over will handle against all of the scenarios and, have more beautiful and dazzling future.

Rupert Cornwell, the author of the Independent, wrote in his essay “This Won’t Be the American Century” about the disaapointment for American Century briefly: “America still has the most powerful economy. But, the difference between USA and the others are decreasing. Its military power is still the best in the world. But, Iraq reveal the limits of its. Now, USA is not controlling Iraq even with 140 thousands soldiers. USA might attack against El- Quade with the aircrafts without man in the Pakistani and the Yemen. However, it is impossible to attack on Iran whose territories are three times larger than Iraq, even on Syrien. “soft power” that is the most significant trumph card of USA in long term is disappearing in terms of economic and culturel aspects. USA model is not attractive anymore. Being dissident against USA is expanding all over the world. Hollwood and USA industry are not able to preventing this case. In 2000, its power was beyond the time and borders. But, in 2006, we should say that this won’t be the American Century. USA isn’t on the top of the power.”

There are ones that want to divide Iraq and Syries into small parts to establish some “little garrison states” in the side of the Mediterrian are now trying to occupy other two countries and according to some, making some preparations . Also they intent to establish a new oil station in Al-Basrah by separating Huzishtan and Iran. Well, will they be able to close the box of Pandore? No, never!

This is the approach of the ideological group for universe. This group which is described as “ evil force that must be prevented” by all of the world are new pioneers of fascism that don’t interested in the history and the accumulation of the humanity. Now, they are doing some plans “ be freed Iraq second time” to disengage from Iraq . They say that they will do an operation for Baghdat like “felluce obtion” ın october 2004 in which thousands people have been killed, the carnige has been carried on with chemical weapons, even a lot of doctors have been killed in their hospitals because the doctors were making treatment patients and 200.000 people have been exiled . Firstly, to Sunni resistance centers, then,resistance cities and at last, proponents of Mukteda Al-Sadr, heavy air attacks will be done. The city will be bombed with AC-130, F-16 so heavy, eventually, the city will turn to the death city. You guess the mass destruction weapons! All of these incidents are thought to take place next summer. This is the scenario that it is being planned to turn Baghdad to Grozny, and to Guernica.

What can they give humanity except for arms, violence and hate anymore? How can the empire that lost its all credits in five years stand after that? With the arms? This power only destroy itself. İt is going to be so for USA!…


This article translated by Fatma ÇOLAK

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