Islamic symbol of America

Ka’bah is the most known symbolist structure of Islam. Just a black stone… But it is a spiritual meeting place. Ka’bah is called as house of god.

The new area Ka’bah for USA – United States of America is THE WHITE HOUSE. It should be called for a more peaceful world as THE BLACK HOUSE. But this is impossible. Because THE WHITE HOUSE is representing a very important aim. The Aim, which is under the shadow of THE WHITE HOUSE, is its kabalistic architectural structure.

Once day an unexpected symbolical figure crashed in the eyes of THE WHITE HOUSE planners.

We can see this very interesting symbol by Oktan KELEŞ’s article.

Islamic Symbol of America… yes this is the Islamic Symbol of United States of America..

Like the Ka’bah. But Americas Islamic Symbol isn’t a pilgrim center for the bodies of Muslims…

There are a number of symbols that represent Muslims. And one of this is the ALLAH Picture in USA. (I hope those buildings are save against disasters like earthquake)

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