Turkey Representative of Vatican George Morovic

From time to time we read that the Representative of Vatican George Morovic is handing out Cevsen and telling as he is a lover of Cevsen. The purpose of his behaviour is free for commentary…

We have come across the same news just in the middle of the happy days of honouring the world, the birth of Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.) the honour of the universe. In a magazine, which belongs to the Yeni Asya group, there was written a report done with the George Marovic. And we read the report under the title of George Marovic praised the last prophet Hz. Muhammad.

Marovic had never praised as it is written in the title. He acted like so. He also tells wrong attributions. The people who are publicating these news knows nothing about truths or they are willingly being a tool for the priest.

Marovic is saying that “ He bringed forth some goodnesses for the people living in that region, and he became the prophet of god for the people whom lives there”. But Hz. Muhammad is NOT the prophet of that people, He is the prophet of universe. Marovic says that Bible could not know about “him”, because it was written ages before “him”…

Of course the Bible which is improvided by humans can not know about him. But the in real Bible which was sent by God was fortelling about the good news about the last prophet as it was fortelled in the real Pentateuch.

It is hard to understand that how can the mentioned magazines and websites are telling the Marovic’s words which are false and tending to distort Islam, as they are turth straight and right in the case that it is informed by God about last prophet exactly.

Enam section, verse 20:
““The ones whom we gave holy words, knows “Him”, “The Last Prophet” as their own sons. But the ones whom disappoints their selfs, they don’t believes it.””

Enam section, verse 21:
““Who can be more unjust than the one who produce lies against God, or the one who denies Gods words? It is certain that those unjust ones will never gain safety.”” As commanded.

The same mentality, by telling the same wrong attributions for the Abraham, organized meeting under the structure of Abrahamic Religions in Urfa – Turkey. However it is impossible for a muslim that has faith in Koran to use this kind of terms like Abrahamic Religions.
Because in the Ali-Imran section, verse 67-68 tells us that:
The most closer ones to Abraham are the ones who has faith in him then, and has faith in Hz. Muhammad now.

Abraham was not a Jewish nor a Christian. But he was a Muslim that accepts that the god is the one and the only, and act honest. He was not a infidel.

About this matter there are many incidents and these looks like the steps of a well planned action.
It is hard to dupe faithfully muslims and on the other hand we are religating the persons who are publicating this kind of news with happiness like festive air.

The person who is saying that ““ He can be a prophet for the people in that region, Bible can not tell about this”” are now producing lies against God, and denying God’s words. In this case Marovic’s actions such as handing out Cevsen, only makes us to remember Devil’s efforts for cheating Ebu Hureyre (R.A.)

Devil Cheats Ebu Hureyre (R.A.)

Ebu Hureyye tells: One day Our Prophet appointed me as an officer to keep an eye on the obligatory alms property. In the fisrt night a man came and take a handfull grasp of date. I catched him and said to him that I’m going to take you to our prophet for your behavior. And then the thief said me to I’m surely in need of theese dates. I have a family and we are suffering privation. We don’t have anyting. Then he requested me for releasing him. And I felt sorry for him and released him with pity.
In the morning Our Prophet camed and asked about my decision about the thief captive. And I said that he complained about his poornes and I felt sorry for him and released him. Then Our prophet said to me: sure that he was lying to you, but he is going to come again and do this again. After this I keep an closer eye around and the man came again and take a handfull grasp of date again. I arrested him immediately and said him to I’m going to take you to Our Prophet this time. Than he said he will never come back again and requested for me to release him with helplessly. And I released him with mercy
Again in the morning Our Prophet came and asked me about my thief captive. Ans I said he had complained about his poorness and he pleased me very much to release him and I released him with mercy. Then our prophet said to me ““ He lied to you again, but he will come again.””
In the third night he came again and started to grasp hands of dates. I arrested him and said I think I’m going to take you to Our Prophet. Because you came after you said you’re not gonna come again. Then he answered me ““Release me this time too, and I will teach you a pretty, worthy word and a prayer. By this prayer God may grant you many benefit.”” And I asked “What is that prayer?”. And he answered when you lie to your bed say the verses known as “Ayete’l Kürsi” before sleeping. The God will send guarding angels around you to protect you from Devil until the sun rises. You will be under the protection of God and the Devil never can approach you. I dismissed him and released him.
In the morning Our Prophet came and asked about the thief captive. I said ““ He promised to teach me beautiful, pretty words if I release him. And said to me by this words I may be granted by many benefits by god. And I released him.””
Our Prophet asked me about those words and prayer. And I answered it was Ayete’l Kürsi. Than The Prophet said to me that he was correct about his assertion but, do you know who was that man treating to you like this? I said no, I don’t know who ever he is. Than the Prophet declared that he was the Devil himself.

(Buhari, Fazail)
Our Prophet has commanded:
““The Archangel Gabriel came to me and said “ A demon wants to trap you, say the words of “Ayete’l Kürsi” before falling asleep””
The Study Of the Prophet Muhammad’s (Râmûz el-Hadîs)

written: Handan Özduygu

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